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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poetry: There's A Man In My Dreams by Guest Blogger Kari Campbell

There's a man in my dreams,
stealing my sleep,
sprinkling my covers with sensuality,
moans of pleasure caress my pillowcase.

There's a dark-skinned man in my dreams,
disturbing my doze,
chiseled from the mold of David,
glistening from moisture dripping sweat over my body.

There's a tall dark-skinned man in my dreams,
troubling my waters,
twisting and turning and dipping his back,
the faint moonlight highlighting every muscle in his chest.

There's a tall, dark handsome man in my dreams,
rocking my boat,
gazing into my eyes then whispering in my ear,
"I wanna make your dreams come true."

There's a tall, dark-skinned man in my dreams,
savoring my climax,
licking his lips and placing his head between my hips,
arms wrapped around my thighs.

There's a dark skinned man in my dreams,
holding my heart,
laying his head between my breasts,
melting away into a dream of me.

There's a woman in his dreams,
stealing his sleep,
sprinkling his covers with seduction,
cascading moans of pleasure through an empty room.

There's a brown skinned woman in his dreams.

To view more of Kari Campbell PhD, feel free to check her site: and follow on Twitter:  @dr_kari

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Closure: You Said You'd Be The One To Set Me Free


if this must end,
then, i am most thankful to The Most High above,
for never in my life had i felt such a God-given love.
one born of need, raised in deep desire,
a single spark became a raging fire.

if this must end; i understand,
how can a love like ours stand a chance?
from fizzle to flame,
from worry to blame,
desperate souls seeking the same.

i guess there is more i could have done.
should have known without a doubt ...
you were the one.

if this must end, if i must go,
there is but one thing i want you to know.
i will never be too far away to hear your cries.
i will always be near; standing by.

silently applauding when it's all said and done,
the man you are, the man you've become.


if this must end,
then, it must end.
but know in your heart that you have earned a friend.
as your lover, hopefully, i was like no other.

apologies due for whatever pain caused,
i am not perfect; we all have flaws.
i offer no rebuttal,
only wonder if you find within your heart to forgive me for all the trouble.

i never expected us to fall in love as deeply as we did,
guess our inner beings could no longer remain hidden.
i appreciated everything you meant to me,
for one moment in time it felt like we were meant to be.

i am thankful more than i could ever show,
but if it must end,
if i must go,
there is but one thing i want you to know.

you are the definition of a woman, as intended
and never allow any man to tell you differently.

note: penned by myself and author Diane Dorce

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Destiny Fulfilled?

note: repost

I imagine once he arrives home,
the very first thing he does is hug, rub you.
probably waited the entire day,
for the moment he wraps his arms around you.

always thankful for the day he found you,
no matter how your day has been, the moment when
you are within his warm embrace,
it places a soft smile upon your face.

I am sure he misses you in the worst way,
there are some things that only his desired touch can say.
I am sure he asks how your day has been,
as he patiently listens, your best friend.

once you arrived home,
you rushed to cook dinner.
during your rush to prepare something delicious to eat,
you suddenly remembered you are all out of ground beef.

as you heard him turning the key,
you are fully prepared with an excuse.
but little do you know that man has rushed home,
to prepare dinner, cater to you.

upon finish, he runs your bath water,
mildly hot, just the way you like it.
perhaps you want to be bathed, intimately,
what are you waiting for, invite him.

to wash your body in the most calm and soothing way,
only his smooth touch can provide closure to a long hard day.
would you like to watch a DVD while you enjoy your meal,
cuddle up next to him on the couch as you enjoy his feel.

you are a woman who deserves a man's complete attention,
a man willing to do everything he can to insure that love is found.
a man willing to hold you down,
great conversation, as he massages everywhere your body aches.

a man willing to do the little things which matter the most,
make you feel like a natural woman, the way a man's supposed to.
a man who washes the dishes while you prepare the kids for sleep,
helps you get ready for the next day, whatever you need.

a man willing to kneel and dedicate his life to you,
for he knows in his heart that he has found a wife in you.
I am sure your man no longer chases skirts,
he doesn't want anything to hurt what he has in you.

you are his vision of love as far as his eyes can see,
he considers you to be his gift from above, his destiny.
I am sure your man attends church and faithfully prays with you,
as he listens to his heart, it says it's you.

you are the one he cannot live without,
destiny fulfilled,
or are you still having doubts?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Full Complexity

Have you ever peered into the night sky
and became drawn to a star,
shining so brightly,
it immediately grabbed your attention.

A beauty; so immense,
so breathtaking,
so perfectly dimensioned,
it rendered you speechless.

Unable to grasp the magnificence
of this orbital being,
I glanced around to see if perhaps others observed what my eyes were seeing.

Surprisingly, none possessed the discerning spirit needed to connect.

As if to say,
and as far as they are concerned,
this particular star appeared to be no different than the rest: equally vexed and perplexed.

Mere constellations; aligned and maligned in the coldness of space.

Suggesting, if you've seen one,
you've seen them all.
only noticing as their images are falling...
No shade, all stars are necessary in the formation of life.

Sometimes I wonder the galactic matter which gives a star its energy; such profound release,
Is it a cycle of stellar evolution
or something a little more discreet.

Is it similar to the magic of a heartbeat,
which lies beneath the human surface.
Is it another one of God's creations; simply fulfilling His purpose.

Is it that sparkling power of Love which exists at the core, extending outward,
causing it to radiate.
however the case, it resonates.

Stands out in the crowd,
swallows my Earthly existence,
leaves me to wish I could close my eyes and breathe the air beyond the clouds, in that very instance

Regardless of the inability of others to view
not only the star's outer beauty
but most importantly inner,
and despite the considerably insurmountable distance.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free

thoughtful words
such as good morning, thank you, you're welcome...
seeing an elderly person walking across the street; being courteous, helping them

invaluable peace of mind,
a mouthful of clarity
unimaginable words of wisdom,
heartfelt sincerity

air circulating throughout one's lungs,
a sunset: creating terrific, golden skies,
being taken aback by the most
beautiful pair of eyes

prayer, without fail.
a sea of positive thoughts,
uncontested faith,
finding an item of great sentimental value; previously accepted as being lost

the innocent smile of a child,
students rushing to help teachers with bags
watching as a baby takes its very first steps,
nurturing moms and dads

earned trust,
underlying passion,
being of spiritual conviction; trusting in His Word in every shape, form
and fashion

cutting the chase,
getting to the heart of the matter
a good night's sleep,
the contagious spirit of laughter

hopelessly falling in love,
a string of stolen kisses
an angelic singing voice,
apprehending intuition

heartwarming memories,
the art of being coy
a warm embrace,
uncontrollable tears of joy

stimulating conversation,
soft intimate aggression
quietly cuddling your soulmate,
lovemaking and affection

a soothing back rub,
exercising patience
mutual love,
a well-deserved standing ovation

quietly listening,
exercising freedom of speech,
showing unexpected compassion to the very next person you meet...

however brief each may be,
I am sure you will agree,
the best things in Life are absolutely free

Friday, September 23, 2011


life teaches a painful lesson,
one taught without question.
constant stress only leaves us second guessing,
our decisions; we must accept it as living,
to live is to suffer.
God places no more than we can bare,
and we know this to be a truth,
we must faithfully attend our trials and tribulations,
for they serve as living proof,
the Lord is in control.
we must humble ourselves to the most important role,
He plays in our lives; our salvation.
our sins were taken,
when Jesus Christ died upon the cross.
would you give your life
for the sins of another human being?
would you accept such a precious loss?

Monday, May 9, 2011

a feeling called love

while laying here in bed
unable to fall asleep,
i lean over,
reach for paper and pen.

i began writing your name
over and over again.
each time,
i write your name,
even prettier.

i trace each letter
until it becomes bolder,
as i've gotten older
i have become big,
on emphasis.

you are on my mind
different night; same time.
if i didn't know any better,
i'd say,
this was my late night ritual.

for the past week or so
i lay awake
eyes wide, i visualize
your warmness.
next to mines.

you and i,
fast asleep,
fingers intertwined.
peaceful, quiet

the sounds
of our heartbeat
perfect background music
as closing credits.

which signal
an exit,
from a most
passionate evening.

this pictured vision
dwells deep
within my spirit.
i fall asleep.
your love; i hear it,
live it.

the sweet smell
of our bodies
as yours,
embrace mines.

of whatever else
that takes place,
beyond our space.

you and i,
my love
will be just fine.

Friday, December 11, 2009


note: the following is a collabo w/ extremely gifted poet n.stevens. click here to watch a live performance of his poem entitled Flirt.


as we walked the other side of life. from the darkness and the light.

to the struggles and the strife. just to see what dreams to fulfill.

opportunity was real, identities revealed. time spent; seasons came and went.
now everybody knows. time gave to those who showed, responsibility.

it never hurt to put in a little work and achieve, whatever there was to be.


you must open your eyes and realize what you see inside.
open your eyes and realize what you see inside.
you must open your eyes and realize what you see inside.
open your eyes and realize what you see inside.


But in Brick City, we call it real talk

Spending our days, waiting for a real spark,

Listening to the radio, hoping for some real art

Working and twerking this system, steady working real hard.

Raising our young ones, teaching them to be real smart,

Living lives, dropping science with real heart. At times, I feel hard.

Granite texture on my heart, complexion growing dark.

Nighttime mentality; quick peeks at light like speed darts

I need the real. Much like I feel the need to feel,

So, it seems like I feel the need to feel what's really real.

What's the deal? You feel me? Well, help heal me and spit that real talk,

If this be that reality, open up your eyes and then we'll start…


can't change facts. when you lose faith, who can you blame for that
my people lost their way during the slavery act. no apology pays for that.

it's been a long time, a long time. of brothers dying. no peace of mind.
number one statistic towards every crime. what's going on? ...the chalk line.


from age twelve to twenty-five, we're in too deep. such a blatant ride.

inner-city streets trying to stay alive. a million marched just to hear the lies.

still we die. often times, with open eyes. now i listen to the sky.
as heaven opened, i realize. my destiny's on the other side.


another day, up from bed. caught up in the ways of the world.
instead of, kneeling down in prayer. listen, it's different now.
so different now. we must pray. PRAY, for a better day.
a better way, for our seeds to grow. so they will know...

reality goes.
reality comes,
and reality grows.

Like that man from First and Fifteenth, I keep my writtens pristine.

but I aim to keep them real, like being pregnant now at sixteen.

words fail me, because my folk in the schools fail,

solutions are lost, thrown off by hypocrisy's wail.

the real is two-faced, acid based with potpourri

there indeed exists a rough side, in this we can believe.

but there is beauty that's still alive, real breath-taking flows

for as nature never listens, it allows all to grow,

reality beats us to our knees, but allows us to pray

reality snatches our food, but teaches us to prey.

the real is a rotten joke. but while you stand there and laugh.

we decide the real by the individual lives in which we craft.

and that's real.


as the next chapter of life is seized
let us lead the way for brighter days.
as for those who refuse to believe
that time gives to those who want to achieve...



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How many women REALLY follow a man's lead?

note: repost

Browsing YouTube, I found this engaging Def Jam Poetry video of Cheryl James performing her self-written poem entitled We Follow Your Lead. James, from old school hip hop Salt-N-Pepa fame.

On this particularly strong and well written piece, the former hip hop songstress James offers valuable insight as she invokes the complete truth. As a black woman, she allows her vulnerability and compassion to pour while speaking to all brothers from a "rib" perspective, which goes back to Adam and Eve. How God created the original woman from the rib of the original man.

As a man, I honestly believe all women should thoroughly submit and completely support men. And vice verse. My lifelong belief isn't meant to say women should allow themselves to be woefully led astray. That is not what I am saying. I wouldn't want for any woman to allow herself to become passive to some foolishness. If so, I do not know of any man who would even respect that.

When it's all said and done I don't see anything in this world that can touch a man more than a woman. So it has to be accepted how much ish black women take off us. Y'all take so much, and go through mountains and mountains of our less than considerable behavior. I can honestly admit that.

At times, men act like women are the worst thing that could have happened. Truth is, we hardly really believe this to be true. Men know how much of a gift women truly are. We'd love to show our appreciation if we could ever get y'all to start complaining. And trying to be the man in the relationship. We want y'all to be women. Need.

For me, there's always something touching when I see a black woman who can look within the essence of a black man and attempt to speak to his soul. We Follow Your Lead is meant to show just how much black women endure, and long to be able to endure for her black man. At least that's the message I took from this poem.

In the end I guess it goes back to the saying: Behind every good man is a good woman.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tell them to keep their heads UP...

A blogger emailed me this video. She felt like it coincided with my previous post concerning little girls who became sexually involved too early in life.

We went back and forth over what she felt would be a better message for mothers and fathers to convey to their daughters, instead of my firm belief that parents should simply introduce their kids (especially daughters) to birth control. And just get it over with.

Of course she disagreed with me. She expressed that giving my daughters birth control pills should be the last option. I saw her point.

Anyways, this video features poet Shanelle Gabriel, a poet whose humor-filled piece Why I Love You once caught my eye so hard that I did a blog post about it.

In this particular joint, the talented Gabriel speaks up on the self-love which, nowadays, she and the blogger who emailed the video feels the majority of our young daughters lack.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Opposites attract.."

We've all heard the saying before...

Singer Paula Abdul once spoke on it in her old school smash hit Opposites Attract when, during the chorus, she affectionately stated that "I take two steps forward, (you) take two steps back ... but we come together cause opposites attract." And it's true, opposites do attract. Two people with completely reversed mental, characters, and demeanor routinely find themselves being irresistibly drawn to one another. They do.

So much for the interior need to have something in common with a person. An opinion which, I hear, is undyingly looked upon as a must in every potential relationship.

On the surface it appears that whenever two people have absolutely nothing in common, there's hardly any chance of a "magnetic connection" ever taking place. And understandably so. Off top, those involved would certainly lack the necessary and much-needed requirements to form a bond. I often refer to this particular scenario as -- two people being worlds apart or unable to connect. Opposed to familiarity, which tends to encourage a certain level of comfort needed in order to unconsciously bond.

But, in an equally giving and special way, I can see how an total opposite infatuation would command the same pull as its contrast. The "difference" allows both individuals to completely be themselves - no denials, hidden clauses or fine print. Therefore, not nearly as many far-fetched and stressful expectations. Only an unconscious acceptance of not only who you are, but who the other person is as well. Just two individuals being straight up with one another with plenty of open-minded room to grow.

And still the perfect match.

Question: can you recall an instance where you found yourself involved in a simple case of opposites attract?

Poet Shanelle Gabriel conveys an instance during her humorous piece Why I Love You:

Friday, November 30, 2007

Woman to Woman? Really?

I'm being nosy here.

After recently reading on Lea's blog about angrily catching her husband cheating ... for some reason, Lea then turned around and shared a conversation with the very woman who her hubby cheated with. I became mind boggled.

Question: what would make a woman want to talk with the "other woman," and vice versa?

Wouldn't whatever both women had to say to one another already go without saying? Isn't it emotionally understood?

As men, we don't do that. Never. If our proclaimed queen of the earth is caught cheating with another man, we don't want to hear ANYTHING you have to say, let alone whatever the dude who you laid up with has to say. Somehow, I think women can instantly pick up on that vibe.

After things have calmed down, and are somewhat back to normal ... (that is) if the man loves the woman enough to forgive her and stay with her, we may wait for the perfect time to quietly whisper, "Was he better than me?"

I am not sure whether Lea asked her husband if the home wrecker was better in bed. I don't know, I didn't ask. But out of curiosity, how many women here have been in the "woman to woman" position before?

If so, why?

Again, I am being nosy.

Check out spoken word poet Thea Monyee's explanation to why she once did the Woman To Woman deal:

Friday, November 23, 2007

Spoken Word poet Dana Gilmore

I first got wind of spoken word poet Dana Gilmore while hangin' out on SBC's blog.

Being an avid fan of Spoken Word, I was surprised that I'd never heard of Gilmore beforehand, but after watching her perform SBC's posted video Wife...Woman...Friend pt.3 on Def Poetry Jam, I was mentally blown away by her ability to capture the moment in her dime piece. Not only that, but her delivery and flow was a thing of beauty. In other words, Dana Gilmore has the priceless Gift of Gab. Maybe it's just me but there's something about any woman with a slick tongue (re: articulate) that I find myself being endlessly drawn into. And I knew this at an early age when I first heard Teena Marie rap on her song, and timeless classic, Square Biz.

I now refer to this "mental conversation" as a meeting of the minds. As I am sure most men will attest, the women who are able to naturally stimulate the complicated mind of a man are the women who we thoroughly respect long after we have conquered their sweet body. It also makes for greater sex. A woman having a slick tongue doesn't necessarily mean that at times we won't continue to fall short of what we say we're all about, but in the spirit of complete understanding, I personally can't help but have love for any woman able to get her much-needed point across.

Just don't get too slick though.

Check out Dana Gilmore's Wife...Woman...Friend pt. 2:

Friday, October 26, 2007

How many women really follow a man's lead?

I found this Def Jam Poetry video on YouTube of Cheryl "Salt" James performing her self-written poem entitled We Follow Your Lead.

It's a strong and well written piece. In it, she offers insight and spoke the complete truth. As a black woman, she allows her vulnerability to compassionately show while speaking to brothers from her "rib" perspective. I guess it goes back to that Adam and Eve thang. A woman is, and should be the rib of a man. I believe the woman should thoroughly submit and completely support her man. But I know, and wouldn't want for any woman to allow herself to become passive to some weak ish. As a man, I couldn't even respect that.

When it's all said and done, I don't see anything in this world that can touch a man more than a woman. So it has to be accepted how much ish black women take off us. Y'all take, and go through ... [insert words here].

I can honestly admit that. At times, we may act like y'all are the worst thing that could have happened to us. But we don't really believe that. We know how much of a gift the real black woman truly are. We'd love to show our appreciation if we could ever get y'all to start complaining. And trying to be the man in the relationship. We want y'all to be women.

For me, there's always something touching when I see a black woman who can look within the essence of a black man and attempt to speak to our soul. Cheryl's words show how much black women endure, and long to be able to endure for her black man. At least that's what I took from this poem.

I guess it goes back to that 'behind every good man is a good woman' thang.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Erykah Badu: Friends, Fans and Artist must meet

A Poem for Cowards - written by Derrick "Goldie" Williams

Everyday I see coward ass niggas
Posing as authentic gangbangers
Talkin' 'bout they got stripes
Their acclamation to fame is shooting a black man
But are any of these so called gangbangers
Willing to use their guns in the revolution?
Are any of these so called gangbangers
Willing to empty the clips of their 9 double m's
For the liberation of black people?
Cause to me
You ain't a true gangbanger unless
You gangin' up
and bangin' up
on the real gangsters
Operating incognito as representatives of a democratic society
Imitation gangbangers set tripping
on other imitation gangbangers
Not realizing that the real set trip is on those
who have set you up for failure
Booby-trapped your quest for success
and tripped you to fall
Deep into a black hole of self-destruction
Nigga, will you set trip for millions of African ancestors
who died in the Atlantic slave trade?
Will you and your posse, get into your Chevy
And ride down on American hypocrisy?
Are you willing to represent Black Power
So brother Malcolm's death will not be in vain?
Nigga would you bogard for control of your own destiny?
Are you going to organize your homeboys
Into a clique of freedom fighting assassins
All across this continent?
'Cause if not,
Get the fuck out of my face.

A Poem for Cowards can be found in the book Tough Love: Cultural Criticism & Familial Observations on the life and death of Tupac Shakur
PUBLISHED by BlackWords, Inc.

Derrick "Goldie" Williams is a poet and actor from Oakland, CA. Williams was featured in Murder Was The Case, the motion picture short produced by Death Row Records. He has also released a well-received EP, Goldie The Poet.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Spoken Word poet and powerful speaker Black Ice

Black Ice, born Lamar Manson, is a poet from Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam.

His poems, which frequently involve racial and social issues, combine hip-hop flow with rich vocabulary to create a unique style.

He was discovered by Russell Simmons at New York’s Soul CafĂ© and became the first spoken word artist signed to Def Jam Records. Black Ice has performed to audiences as diverse as those at the Hip-Hop Summit, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Source Youth Foundation and Shine, and performed for such notables as the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Minister Louis Farrakhan, as well as performing a poem on rapper Fabolous' third album Real Talk.

Check out some of his work: