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Thursday, January 3, 2013


"They call shots, I call audibles." - Jay Z

I've never made a resolution that I'd actually consider as a resolution, due mainly to having always considered myself to be more of a free spirited being. Free spirit, in the sense that I am a person who isn't easily restrained by convention or obligation, and admittedly irresponsible at times, yet all within the context of a level playing field. Which simply means that I will stick to the rules and game plan if the play-calling works.

Take football, for instance, and the position of quarterback. The purpose of every quarterback is to act as a facilitator of the coach's playbook, which ultimately leads the offense of a team. Standard procedure in the same established manner that life in general is approached through tasks, goals, objectives. Just as different coaches offer a variety of offensive plays focused on putting the ball in the end zone, we as humans share a similar disposition as far as efforts directed towards achievements.

Much like New Year's resolutions, except these commitments are promised at the beginning of a new year in full anticipation of a new beginning of some sort. Whereas, and as non-conformists everywhere will agree, we're already spiritually orchestrated to handle a wide assortment of obstacles in a sometimes backwards yet knowingly forward manner.

If that makes sense.

So, again, while many are in the process of resolves for the year 2013, I am more concerned whether or not the ability to supersede the play originally agreed upon as the result of a change in strategy is there. Improvisation, if you will. And based upon a unique blend of discovery, experience, flexibility, adaption and most importantly survival, I am more or less hoping to improvise between intended actions and what the defense or life itself offers, and act accordingly.

If personal inference assures this isn't going to work, then at that particular moment I look to "peep the scene", sidestep the inevitable trainwreck, make a sound judgment call. Moreover, this line-of-thought still honors task, goal and objective as well as civility and teamwork, despite whatever conformists say. However, it also teaches leaders to step up in the face of accordance and succumb to reason or, better yet, think for yourself, not only on January 1st...

But any given day, minute, second of our respective lives.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Barack Obama: I Wish I Could Use My Middle Name

President Obama tried to bond with Mitt Romney at Thursday's Alfred E. Smith dinner in New York, saying both candidates have 'unusual names.' The only difference? Romney isn't attacked for his.

Click here to view the humorous video from

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Likes And Dislikes: '12 Democratic National Convention

  • powerful speeches
  • audience reminded more of 'America'
  • President Obama transcends politics
  • my mind says, yes, he deserves another term
  • John Kerry: ask Osama Bin Laden if he's better off now than he was 4 years ago
  • hardly believe 4 years have passed since Obama became POTUS
  • The Kennedys and Democratic Party remain synonymous
  • Bill Clinton still got it
  • Michelle Obama, period
  • Deval Patrick shed light on Romney's brand of politics as former governor of Massachusetts
  • Medicare issue is a serious one
  • one nation, under God, politically divided
  • Nancy Pelosi looks like she'll put something in your food
  • audience resembled Bingo crowd, everyone eagerly waiting same number
  • The Continued Pimping of Hispanics
  • still don't know what Change looks like
  • at the end of the day, Obama created more $6 trillion more worth of debt
  • Jesse Jackson looks as if he's still mad Barack choose Biden over him
  • wondering if young '08 voters will return to polls
  • what if Mitt Romney wins?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Likes And Dislikes: '12 Republican National Convention

  • analogy: football season around corner and GOP still doesn't have a starting quarterback
  • expecting Romney to decline even more in polls after tomorrow
  • Clint Eastwood reminded me of Fire Marshal Bill
  • didn't hear the word terrorism, not once
  • Jeb Bush actually smirked, while defending his brother
  • many articles exposed dishonesty in Paul Ryan's speech
  • Bebe Winans
  • Marco Rubio's speech, seriously
  • Condoleeza Rice looked as if she hasn't enjoyed an orgasm in years
  • cameras scarcely scanned crowd for blacks, unlike '08
  • The Brooding of Politics
  • audience chanting "USA, USA" as if Obama isn't American
  • left me feeling as out of touch with GOP, as they are with me
  • Paul Ryan's demeanor reminds me of a serial killer defending himself in court
  • Politicians, in general, will say anything to garner votes
  • Same stuff, different year
  • hardly know who I disliked more: Artur Davis or Mia Love
  • '12 audience looked EXACTLY like the '80 audience
  • Sarah Palin wasn't invited to talk politics
  • The Pimping of Hispanics

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top 10 Things Secret Service Had Better To Do, Than Protect POTUS

10. Protect the Burger King chicken snack wraps that Mary J. Blige sang so strongly about.

9. Take turns stalking Beyonce's Tumblr.

8. File tax returns before rapidly approaching midnight deadline.

7. Monitor the "suspicious" activities of Hologram Tupac.

6. Register for Instagram account.

5. Check mentions on Twitter.

4. Provide 24-hour surveillance of Titantic's final resting place and report any strange movements.

3. Work on their vision boards.

2. Get wasted and send dirty text messages to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

... and the number one thing Secret Service felt it had better to do, other than protecting the President of The United States...

1. Stimulate Colombia's economy, one hooker at a time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Herman Cain

Good Idea
• abandon Who Shot J.R. style campaign
• create enough controversy during interviews to assure sky-rocketed book sales
• recognize when GOP counterparts laugh at him, not with him
• understand when the water level has reached his head
• search genealogy and see if he had brother named Abel
• to pay close attention to Ice Cube's song True To The Game
• stop giving all the credit for his success to dad, save some for his uncle named Tom
• to associate with the "negroes"
• stop spending his own money on campaign
• chapstick

Bad Idea
• 9-9-9 Tax Plan abandons individual income tax refund
• claimed Blacks are brainwashed, however true
• if any of his GOP counterparts challenged him to boiled peanuts-eating contest
• denied sexual harassment claims, after paying hush money
• "Yes We Cain" chants
politicizing Jesus Christ is downright shameful
• mocking Negro Spirituals
• showing up at Halloween party dressed as Clarence Thomas
• to divorce his wife and marry Kim Kardashian
• to listen to anything I say

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Idea, Bad Idea: President Barack Obama

Good Idea
• if he never made another campaign promise in life
• to actually change
• to scrap Chicken Little approach to presidency
• show emotion; give Hulk Hogan-like State of The Union address
• to end heinous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq
• to put something behind those speeches
• offer whatever stimulus package it takes to get Biden's VP up and running
• to gon' dust his shoulders off
• if he recited Pacino's Any Given Sunday's halftime speech at next DNC
• to remember that millions upon millions of blacks voted for him

Bad Idea
• to promote another Yes We Can campaign
• to get a face tat and iced out grill
• to challenge Forrest Whitaker to a melon-eating contest, in order to prove blackness
• to take neither Sarah Palin nor Michelle Bachmann seriously
• attend Million Man March and ask, "Am I my brothers keeper?"
• showing up at Tea Party Rally, period
• to sing Star Spangled Banner, and forget the words
• to email Glen Beck his world famous bean pie recipe
• to hang portrait of Karl Marx above White House fireplace
• to listen to anything I say

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Likes And Dislikes: Sarah Palin

• her '08 interview with Katie Couric, priceless
• made Hillary Clinton tolerable, all of a sudden
• one of my favorite comedians
• does a great Tina Fey impersonation
• white girl-drunk, without having taken a single drink
• she likes black people
• correction: she loves black people
• undercover freak
• name scribbled on men's bathroom wall at University of Michigan
• if she winks, she'll ...

• makes Michelle Bachman look smart
• wouldn't know White House from White Castle
• I will never get the chance to get drunk and do something crazy, like vote for her
• a Republican, of all things
• she isn't following me on Twitter
• pronounces Barack as "Ba-rack"
• claimed she reads variety of newspapers; couldn't name one
• walks like she's standing on stilts
• 15 minutes of fame are just about up
• secretly hoping wink gets stuck, it never does

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ain't No Way

Well, it appears The National Enquirer claims to have proof that Barack Obama cheated on his wife with his former campaign aide Vera Baker back in 2004. The two allegedly stayed at a hotel and a security camera revealed everything.

Barack Obama's limousine driver has supposedly released a statement saying he drove Baker "from a friend's home in the D.C. area to the Hotel George where I learned later that Obama would be spending the night."

A statement corroborated by investigators. The driver went on to say that he picked up Obama and watched as he and Baker walked into the hotel room together.

Baker, on the other hand, has denied everything. She says "nothing happened."Apparently, the 35 year old woman has left the country.

In light of these shocking allegations, one million dollars is now being offered to anyone who can produce the tape which they claim would provide indisputable evidence.

So much for the tabloid newspaper claiming to have proof, I suppose.


As for me, I personally cannot see it.

This from a man who believes that, under the right circumstances, there is a strong possibility that every man and woman are likely to step outside of their relationship. And, yes, I clearly understand the fact that many former Presidents had extramarital affairs probably before, during and after becoming Commander-In-Chief.

During campaigns, it's in the best interest of candidates to have their marriage portrayed in a positive light. I suppose this coincides with The American Dream, and rightfully so. Seeing as how the best thing in life for any human being is their immediate family.

But often times during such picturesque moments it becomes painfully obvious that, let's say, Cindy is the last thing on John McCain's mind. Or, the feeling that Bill and Hillary Clinton haven't enjoyed passionate sex with one another since Bill stopped smoking weed.

But Barack romantically involved with another woman besides Michelle? A contributing couple whose body language itself speaks of nothing less than total commitment towards one another and their children?

Again, I just don't see it.

All this appears to be is the Republican Party becoming desperate to find any dirt whatsoever on Barack Obama.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

I don't know much about politics, I doubt if I ever will.

Besides knowing the fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans, I group all politicians under one small category - people who only come around when they want votes. Then, once we've voted them into office, the only time we see or hear from them again is during their campaign for re-election.

For the most part, politicians are liars; they do not tell the truth.

Different politicians promise different things which you and I both know are hardly delivered. If, by chance, agreements are kept and conditions improved - there will always be a politician to come along within the next four maybe eight years to rearrange the menu, to his or her parties' liking.

Regardless of whether we like it or not.

A paradox which makes politics appear to be this One Big Game, one which makes you wonder if it's really all about the betterment of America. And not propaganda simply meant to serve underlying agenda.

If it truly were about overall improvement, The Hatfields & McCoys (re: dems and repubs), they would cease to exist. There'd be one person equipped with one soul purpose - to act as public voice of counsel, a team elected to act solely as the voice of the people.

All people.

In other words, the political menu would consist of items which catered to each and every one of us. And everyone could enjoy their meal. In my opinion, this is the growing appetite of America which needs to be fed.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain, don't be afraid to look into his eyes...

Look into my eyes and hear what I'm not saying, for my
eyes speak louder than my voice ever will.

- Author Unknown

Monday, August 25, 2008

John McCain makes strong push for "Clinton Voters."

Well, it turns out that John McCain had a legitimate campaign strategy after all.

After spending the last few weeks watching paint dry, as he and Democratic nominee Barack Obama exchanged kiddie jabs with one another over who said what and exactly how many houses the GOP nominee does or doesn't own, McCain's presidential campaign landed a strong uppercut to the jaw of Senator Obama with a political advertisement aimed directly at angry Clinton Voters.

Now, I imagine that I could be wrong, but it appears as if this particular ad was created shortly after Obama announced Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his Democratic running mate for November's showdown.

Although it's a rather stunning move on behalf of McCain, I have to admit that it makes perfect sense for him to try to tap into the millions of die-hard Clinton Voters who, one has to figure aren't happy with the fact that Hillary Clinton was passed over as Vice President-hopeful by Barack Obama.

Knowing how painful it must be for the scorned Hillary Clinton to first, lose the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, then turn around and be shunned as his running mate - do you think Hillary, when she speaks Tuesday night, will vigorously discredit McCain's ad or see this as her chance to provide payback towards Obama and his supporters?

click here to watch John McCain's political ad:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Willie Lynch Issue

I feel somewhat bad for the brother.


And this isn't to say that Jesse Jackson isn't responsible for the current backlash being leveled against him or doesn't deserve it, he does, but still I can't help but hold a small amount of sympathy for the brother. I do.

Because for all the years and years of foot soldier work that Jackson performed during the Civil Rights Movement, for all the injustices he spoke out and marched against and for anything he's ever stood for or against in the name of equal rights, when it's all said and done ... none of that will really matter.

Sadly, it will forever come down to Jackson's shown character during the shining moment that an aspired and well-educated black man, Barack Obama, arose from said oppression in search of the same justice, civil liberties and political power that the reverend himself once fought for, yet was never able to attain.

In others words - Jesse Jackson, this is your defining moment.

I sat and listened to the remarks which presidential hopeful Barack Obama made concerning, amongst others, the missing fathers within the black community. A brutal and well-known truth which, I assume, gave birth to Jackson's embarassing caught-on-tape reply.

I agreed that many black men are painfully absent within the lives of their children and could stand to do better. That goes without saying. But I, like Jackson, also agreed that Obama aimed his comments towards sought-after right wing voters. He did.

No matter how much I support Barack Obama and would love to see the brother become the 44th President of the United States I never fail to realize that he's still a politician. So when Jackson remarked how Barack Obama was 'talking down to black people,' I actually agreed. Unless of course black men are the only race of men who are missing from their child's life.

But regardless of how I personally feel, when I look at the Big Picture, I did feel as though Obama's words needed to be said. I refused to let my own personal fears interfere with the Big Picture, which I felt Jackson did. I cannot say whether or not Obama was calling Jesse Jackson out. Honestly I don't care if Obama was.

I can only say that during the dark moment I read where Jesse Jackson - the same man who spoke out against rap artist Nas when the popular rapper was set to name his upcoming album a derogatory remark, himself refer to another black man as a "no-good half-breed nigger," it reinforced my belief towards one great truth in particular.

Willie Lynch ain't never lied.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rene Marie flips the script

I don't know if you've ever heard of her. I certainly had not heard of singer/songwriter Rene Marie, until I read this particular story concerning the celebrated black jazz musician who was invited by Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper to sing The National Anthem at The State of the City Address.

Instead of singing The Star Spangled Banner upon having her name called, Marie, stood up and walked to the microphone, took a deep breathe, and calmly sung Lift Every Voice and Sing, the supposedly 'anti-american song' which has become widely known as The Black National Anthem. It's a song first heard 108 years ago in celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Marie sang the lyrics to the tune of the Banner.

I honestly don't know what to make of it. Seriously. But I will say one this - that black woman has balls. Not too mention the fact that she also has a beautiful and classic voice. Beforehand, I had never heard of the song either, but I cannot imagine it being sang any better than Marie's soulful rendition. Even though her 'flipping the script' has set off a firestorm of controversy and criticism.

Of course I refuse to take the stance that Mayor Hickenlooper took. Mostly because I am black and he is white. Hickenlooper was absolutely livid that Marie would have the nerves to substitute the National Anthem, a song meant to speak for all Americans, with a hymn that became popular during the civil rights protest. If you ask me I assume this underlying fact is where the true problem lies.

Mayor Hickenlooper claims that not only did Marie disrespect the National Anthem, but she also disrespected the American Flag and The Constitution, as well. The upset Mayor has gone so far as to call for a public apology on behalf of the courageous singer. One that, as of yet, hasn't been given. And, in all likelihood, one that will never be given. Rene Marie issued the following statement: "I pulled a switcheroonie on them."

Again, I don't know. Maybe white people do have a reason to be outraged. I'm sure if the roles were reversed and some white woman belted a tune which showed white pride in front of a predominantly black audience, she would be somewhere still being chased by black people. Since I am black and live in America, I would like for Rene Marie to know one thing - I aint mad at her.

Rene Martin sings Lift Every Voice and Sing:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Failure: Hillary Clinton

it's meeeeee...


time to put hillareeeee out her misereeee like katheeee...bates.

look at all the millions that you've waste. we can debate and debate

until your blue in the face

but uh you and all your "experience" can cry on bill's shoulder

come march 4, this democratic race is o-ver. even republicans barack the vote

come close, so you can hear when i clear my throat

the people have spoke. who can you blame. they are calling for a change. while your campaign only offers more of the same

so you and your lobbyist can keep starting ish. but umm lobby this. them young votes are so hard to get

attacked me cause the speech is sweet. support attracting. exactly why your former campaign manager backed me

exactly. i know you're thinking obama/clinton ticket would sell. the white house is not big enough for you and michelle

here, take this white chalk. continue to talk. check it. i want to see if you can find. then outline tex-as. so there will be no mistaken the final place where you'll rest at

throne gone like yao ming. there is only one dream. hakeem.

trey, i know you caught the changing theme...this is gangsta man

obama to the b to the a to the r to the a to the c to the k...

this is gangsta mannnn.

Failure: Lupe Fiasco (live performance)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Swing and a miss

Hillary Clinton placed her foot in her mouth when she publicly stated how Barack Obama's speeches were "just words." If that wasn't enough, she then turned around and gave ultimate power to those same words when she desperately accused him of plagiarism. Now, I didn't make a perfect score on the ASVAB test, but that seems to me like she understood just how deep Obama's inspirational speeches had cut into the spirit of millions and millions of Americans, when she foolishly tried to insult our intelligence. Play us weak.

Strike one.

Hillary never fails to mention how Obama is inexperienced, she repeats this over and over again. Almost as if she is saying Senator Obama has never done anything in his 20 year political career, certainly not enough to qualify him as being able to run the Oval Office. Cool, we heard you Hillary the first one hundred times you said it. But voters everywhere have stood up and made it known that we support this lazy, political bum named Barack Obama calling the shots. Let Hillary tell it, he has some nerves to even think that he could hold a light to her candle. And this is the person of no substance who we support?

Yes it is. So now what, Hillary? What does that say about us? Better yet, what does that say about how you feel about us? Surely it can only indicate how out of touch the Old Guard is, especially when it comes to the common folk who, day in and day out, feed their soul with the same hopes and dreams that people like MLK, JFK and now Barack Obama feed the spirit of this country with. There is an outcry taking place. One in which such overwhelming emotions hidden far too long have now begun to surface through voter support. We want change. What now, Hillary? Is our undeniable outcry only tears?

Strike two.

Lastly, and this is the perfect time to come with a change up, seeing as how Hillary Clinton will swing at just about any pitch thrown now, it's the bottom of the 9th and Barack Obama is throwing a shutout. The momentum is clearly in his favor. Even Bill Clinton has publicly admitted how its just about over with for his wife. Nothing Hillary does now appears to be working. Not her proposed universal health care policies. Not her political experience. Not even their personal attacks on Obama. The heat is on.

If one looked closely, they could probably witness the sweat that has formed on the brow of Hillary Clinton. Don't get me wrong...she's a career politician, so although she keeps coming up with misses, we can expect her to go down swingin' like crazy. Which it appears she is. If I didn't know any better, I would think her shoes were a couple sizes too small. I mean, that would explain the grimaced look on her face each and every time she leans back, awaits the next pitch from the cool, calm, and collected Barack Obama...only to continuously swing and miss. It looks pretty bad for Hillary Clinton. Not too mention how she's being beaten at her own game.

The State of Texas is on its feet. Time to end it now, Obama.

Change: Joy Denalane featuring Lupe Fiasco

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shut 'em down

Shut 'em down.

Those are the very first words which came to mind once I saw this picture of The Clintons. As a matter of fact, those were the only words which came to mind.

Shut. them. down.

Might as well ... seeing as how they've not only informed us of exactly where they stand, but apparently where we also stand. Or should I say where they "think" we stand.

And I hate it too, because of all the men I've personally witnessed take the oath in becoming President of the United States, it was this man, Bill Clinton, who I felt was the only one with a compassionate understanding of race relations in America.

Ronald Reagan, George Bush and, of course, the son of George Bush always seemed like they had this look in their eyes which spoke of absolute distrust.

Come to find out, Bill Clinton has been bumping my head this entire time. All these years. Hillary too. I'm deeply stunned. I honestly felt like both individuals were solid human beings. Before now, there was never anything which led me to believe otherwise. They appeared to be what everyone aspired or should aspire to be; compassionate, intelligent folk who came from pretty much nothing. It wasn't simply politics. You'd think they understood the plight which most African Americans face.

I guess not.

When it was revealed how Bill was sneaking out on his wife, I found even greater respect for Hillary for remaining by his side. She knew what Bill was, long before Monica Lewinsky. Hillary's firm position showed me how she was built from a different cloth, in the spirit of most black women.

Bill smoked weed, lied on national television, even got caught up in the Watergate scandal. Although we knew he was a snake, we stood by his side. We cheered his appearance on Arsenio Hall. Ask any black person what president they felt the most and they would say Bill Clinton. We rode with Clinton. If you ask me, the Democratic Party died when Bill Clinton left office. Almost made you wonder if there would ever be another Bill Clinton or democratic president.

Nevermind the fact that many people joke about how Bill Clinton was the "first black president" of the United States. Black folk had love for The Clintons. They had love for black folk.

Now, now that Hillary Clinton is running for the Oval Office, Bill Clinton showed us what it really is. And what it is, is still politics. Don't get me wrong, I expect and respect his position of throwing jabs from his wife's corner. That is what any husband is supposed to do. Especially the husband of a woman who stood in his corner and fought for him. Like I said, I can thoroughly respect that.

What I do not respect are the snide and racially-motivated remarks made by "Billary Clinton" concerning black presidential hopeful Barack Obama. With their so-called slick ish, Billary drew a line in the dirt. This is our side. That is your side.

It's funny too, because I remember back when Obama first appeared on the grand political stage with a speech that turned everyone's head. Billary Clinton just about adopted Obama behind that touching speech. They embraced him. Now I see how it wasn't really Obama who they embraced but the "votes" which such an embrace usually garner when showed over and over again in the media. Television brainwashes.

Hillary Clinton already knew she was planning on running for office. The truth is, she was simply getting her pawns in place. Playing on "our" emotions. In order for a white democrat to reside in The White House, he or she needs the black vote. In order for a black democrat to open shop, he, Obama, needs the white vote. Billary Clinton fully understand this aspect. The said reminder was meant to throw a monkey wrench into Obama's finely-tuned engine.

Like that concept would go completely over our heads. Like "we" cannot think, or something.

See, that's why I love hip hop music. That real old school, get up in your face, tell it like it is, touch on untapped emotions, hip hop music. I remain thankful. R & B music soothes the soul, it's true, and we could all stand a soothing of the soul, but it's that hip hop music which just makes you want to stand up and do something...


Hillary Clinton got on national television and cried. I guess she did what she felt she had to do. That didn't work, so Bill Clinton decided to remind everyone that Barack Obama was the 'black candidate." Bill turned this political race into an election based simply upon skin color. I guess he did what he felt he had to do. Billary Clinton will do whatever it takes to get our votes.

Now let's do what we have to do.

Take those votes away.

Or in the words of hip hop great Chuck D, "Shut em down, shut em down, shut em, shut em, down..."