Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cyberstalking, Cyberbullying, Invasion of Privacy, Sex Crimes, Theft, Death Threats

Tiffany P., Atlanta, Georgia

I will begin with Tiffany.

Like most of the people involved in the ongoing criminal activity, I know this female (last name unknown) from a past blogging community. I created this writing blog in late '07. Looking back, I might've been the only blogger who actually blogged for its intended purpose. 

She read/commented on my blog. I returned the favor. Before long, we exchanged messages, phone numbers. She dwelled on her unhappy, unfulfilling marriage. I revealed how the loss of my daughters had completely devastated my life. After awhile, she asked me to visit Florida to engage in sex, to which I declined. I'm not attracted to Tiffany. 

Eventually, I ignored Tiffany's entire existence. There was a creepiness surrounding her, like she'd emotionally attached herself to me. Tried to use me for attention she received nowhere else. (Years later, a female blogger expressed the exact same sentiments.) 

Am I surprised to find Tiffany and online friends invading not only my privacy, but the privacy of more than a few of my friends, family, co-workers, former co-workers, employer and countless others? No. Am I surprised to find they're witnessing (hacking the ISP, accessing cameras and microphones) and recording the sexual activities of victims? No. Am I surprised to find these sex offenders can see inside of my apartment? No. Tiffany described me as a "fish in a bowl," as if to say I've no privacy whatsoever. 

As you know, they recently bragged about having connections within the FBI, CIA and other agencies, stating how they can make my life infinitely more complicated than it already is.