Saturday, September 16, 2017


"Come to think of it, his name was you." - Eminem

The first time I watched Eminem's  "Stan," I laughed from beginning to end. I'd never witnessed a more insanely funnier rap video. In it, Stan, an obsessed fan, is ignored by the rapper and does everything within his power to gain his attention. 

The second time I watched, however, the laughter turned into sadness after I'd noticed how something had slipped inside Stan's brain. If you and others had ever been subjected to the sick behavior of a real-life Stan, then you understand it's no laughing matter.

True enough, I'd witnessed and experienced instances in the past where women previously involved with men did as much -- which is understandable to a certain extent seeing as how women and men, some anyway, share mental and emotional and physical connections. 

Even then, if years had passed since the woman and man had any involvement, then it's safe to say she suffers mental illness. 

But a man or supposed man desiring the attention of a man? To me, that's unheard of. And speaks of an overabundance of female hormones in Stan's body. Where I'm from, which has everything to do with me as a man, men don't stalk men. We don't stalk others close to and around whatever man, to the point where we slander others receiving attention. We don't psychoanalyze men. We don't go to sleep and awake with a man on our minds. We don't keep a man's name in our mouths. We don't comment on a man's dick pic. 

That's what women do. 

Not men. 

Never men. 

Never, ever men. 

Why was Stan so hard up, so intent, so hell-bent on Eminem? If we're honest with ourselves, Stan had woman in him. 

Unfortunately, social media has given birth to The Stan Culture where, more times than not, it's hard to tell a man from a woman.