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Saturday, September 16, 2017


"Come to think of it, his name was you." - Eminem

The first time I watched Eminem's  "Stan," I laughed from beginning to end. I'd never witnessed a more insanely funnier rap video. In it, Stan, an obsessed fan, is ignored by the rapper and does everything within his power to gain his attention. 

The second time I watched, however, the laughter turned into sadness after I'd noticed how something had slipped inside Stan's brain. If you and others had ever been subjected to the sick behavior of a real-life Stan, then you understand it's no laughing matter.

True enough, I'd witnessed and experienced instances in the past where women previously involved with men did as much -- which is understandable to a certain extent seeing as how women and men, some anyway, share mental and emotional and physical connections. 

Even then, if years had passed since the woman and man had any involvement, then it's safe to say she suffers mental illness. 

But a man or supposed man desiring the attention of a man? To me, that's unheard of. And speaks of an overabundance of female hormones in Stan's body. Where I'm from, which has everything to do with me as a man, men don't stalk men. We don't stalk others close to and around whatever man, to the point where we slander others receiving attention. We don't psychoanalyze men. We don't go to sleep and awake with a man on our minds. We don't keep a man's name in our mouths. We don't comment on a man's dick pic. 

That's what women do. 

Not men. 

Never men. 

Never, ever men. 

Why was Stan so hard up, so intent, so hell-bent on Eminem? If we're honest with ourselves, Stan had woman in him. 

Unfortunately, social media has given birth to The Stan Culture where, more times than not, it's hard to tell a man from a woman. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beats & Rhymes: An Ode To Hip Hop

Before crack cocaine dissipated entire black communities, before gangs, guns and violence wreaked complete havoc, before sex, before so many fell victim to the streets, before hip hop became known as rap music, before M.C. Hammer sold out, before Vanilla Ice, before East Coast versus West Coast beef, before the Internet, before downloading began, before Thug Life, before Lil Kim, before everyone wanted to be a rapper, before criminals became rappers, before rappers Steady B. and Cool C. decided to rob a bank and murder a police officer, before Facebook, Twitter, Google, Napster and iTunes.

Back when rappers where known as emcees and deejays, when Common loved her, when Heavy D. was known as The Overweight Lover, when there were B-boys and B-girls, when we learned how to pop-lock and breakdance, when Rakim took seven emcees and put 'em in a line, when L.L. Cool J and Kool Moe Dee battle-rapped, when M.C. Lyte put feelings aside, when we jammed Run DMC on the school bus during field trips, when hardly anyone was afraid to attend a rap concert, when everyone watched Yo MTV Raps on Saturday mornings, when the intro to the song The Show made us lose our minds, when L.L. Cool J was hard as hell.

Back when hip hop artists wore gold jewelry, when she said he's "just a friend", when Roxanne was stuck up, when Jay Z was still a drug dealer, when the music was fresh, when it was all about the size of your boom box, when we sat in the back of the class and rapped our favorite verses, when we created beats with our hands and mouth, when we dialed our favorite radio stations and requested our favorite songs or looked to be the exact caller in order to win concert tickets, when Ladi Dadi was the most requested song, when gym shoes were cheaper, when our grandmothers were still alive.

Before rappers tatted all kinds of crap onto their face and body, before studio gangsters, before M.C. Hammer earned and blew millions, before P. Diddy continuously changed his name and danced in all of his artists videos, before remixes, before rappers collaborated with R&B singers, before rappers collaborated with struggling R&B singers, before Will Smith was a parent himself, before Suge Knight, before Nino Brown, before Juice, before we self-destructed, before Drake and Nicki Minaj were born, before the film Brown Sugar captured the vibe, perfectly.

We all fell in love with the beats and rhymes.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Likes and Dislikes: Rap Music

  • the childhood memories
  • the greatest rap song, ever 
  • raw vibes
  • shows like vh1 hip hop honors
  • tupac shakur
  • its ability to actually speak to listeners
  • there are still a few good rappers left
  • meaningful, impressive flows
  • jay z took rap music to another level
  • when art imitates life

  • when life begins to imitate art
  • it sold out a long time ago
  • nowhere near how it used to be
  • false bravado
  • most rap videos
  • anyone can and will be signed
  • unbalanced lyrics
  • spirituality bankrupt
  • can hardly stomach the majority
  • plies tortured the song two occasions