Sunday, August 11, 2019

Testing 1, 2, 3

I was listening to rap legend James Todd Smith’s hip hop classic “Jack The Ripper” the other day, when suddenly.

I thought about a tweet I’d viewed on social media from one of the many cyberstalkers invading not only my privacy, but the privacy of others as well.

The tweet, tweeted by Kahlil Haywood, referenced “Nutmeg McCain” and how she tried it with “Auntie Whoopi” which led to McCain getting clocked.  Clearly, it was a subliminal response to a series of private messages I’d tweeted recently between Saadia Ali Aschemann, an educator employed within the Quincy, Illinois district, who has admitted to intimate contact with students via text messages—and myself which exposed Saadia’s truest feelings in regards to her long-time besties Diane Dorce and Richard Dix.

“Nutmeg McCain” characterized Saadia while Diane doubled as “Auntie Whoopi.” The tweet claimed no one liked McCain, anyway.

And that’s when I thought about it: Saadia wants to commit cyberstalking, cyberbullying and invasion of privacy crimes against myself and others, along with the audacity to expose me captured in sexual activity. So I said to myself: I may as well add to the laughter. And since Saadia believes she can refer to a beautiful Oakland sista as a dog, the time has arrived for all to understand the misery behind Saadia’s actions.

Like myself, I’m sure you’ll find the mind of a complete airhead to be one for the ages, to say the least.

Reason being: Once she heard my phone conversations with FBI agents concerning the criminal activity, she followed me on Twitter and attempted to apologize for her cowardly behavior. Not only that, but then pointed fingers toward others as being responsible for these federal crimes.

Saadia, Saadia, Saadia.

In the next few weeks, I can only hope that Mrs. Aschemann’s supply of prescription pill bottles are stocked and the weed supplier has re-upped. She’ll need both.

Stay tuned.