Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Idea, Bad Idea

"Don't claim you're sincere, just be it." - Eva Heller

  • men: pay more attention to your women
  • practicing what you preach
  • considering opposing viewpoints
  • free college textbooks would be a great idea
  • parents who counter the culture
  • sincerity
  • consistency
  • following your first mind
  • slowing it down a notch, at times
  • re-checking to make sure the iron is unplugged before leaving home
  • sentences that begin with the word "if"
  • if NBAer Carmelo Anthony re-signed with Knicks
  • decisions based on emotional appeal
  • to make your bed hard
  • worrying yourself
  • allowing media to become mainstream culture in children's lives
  • to not take global warming seriously
  • decisions based on irrational thought 
  • rushing
  • staying up late on Sunday night, knowing damn well Monday morning is coming