Friday, January 31, 2014

Likes And Dislikes: Super Bowl Sunday

"Omaha." - Peyton Manning

  • Peyton Manning's audibles
  • game of chess: Best Offense vs Best Defense
  • Super Bowl Party
  • holiday atmosphere
  • free food, free alcohol
  • the presence of women who really know the game
  • halftime shows
  • commercials
  • trash talkers
  • Erin Andrews


  • bandwagon fans
  • trash-talking bandwagon fans
  • first cold-weather Super Bowl
  • last game of football season
  • Beyonce not scheduled to perform
  • NFL Commish Roger Goodell in attendance
  • Saints did not make it to the Big Show
  • I dislike Seattle, but I am betting with 'em
  • wrong time for me to experience these flu-like symptoms
  • Pam Oliver