Monday, December 23, 2013

Likes And Dislikes: Christmas

"And this Christmas will be a very special Christmas." - Donny Hathaway

  • decorations
  • children who still believe in Santa Claus
  • seeing those same children excited 
  • seeing people happy
  • Christmas shopping, finally ended
  • exchanging gifts with loved ones
  • friends and family 
  • Christmas Party
  • everybody at the party getting tipsy
  • soulful Christmas songs
  • egg nog
  • they never let poor Rudolph join any reindeer games
  • parents who do not buy presents for kids
  • cheap Christmas cards
  • receiving cheap gift cards to expensive stores
  • mad commercialism
  • can be expensive
  • religious zealots debating the true birth date of Jesus Christ
  • Christmas arrives only once a year
  • takes awhile to get Christmas songs out of my head