Monday, July 1, 2013

Likes And Dislikes: '13 BET Awards

"A rose is still a rose." - Aretha Franklin

  • Sanaa Lathan 
  • nice-looking stage
  • Kendrick Lamar performed, twice
  • Meagan Good's revealing dress
  • Jamie Foxx's Trayvon Martin shirt
  • BET honored inspiring non-celeb individuals
  • soooo many beautiful sistas
  • one of the better BET Awards show
  • Dwyane Wade honored as a humanitarian
  • Chris Tucker's Miguel joke
  • I still cannot get into Miguel's music
  • R. Kelly performed, but not really
  • Did Paula Patton pop a molly before going onstage?
  • I didn't get a chance to catch Twitter commentary
  • Beyonce didn't perform
  • someone gave a microphone to Ray J 
  • Ciara's performance wasn't as sensual as I preferred
  • grown men wearing tight pants
  • gotta wait til November 15th for The Best Man sequel
  • Chris Tucker's comedy is no longer entertaining