Monday, February 4, 2013

No One Man Should Have All That Power

"It's the greatest feeling, ever." - Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl XLVII champions.

Before the season, as knowledgeable pro football fans everywhere can attest, the likelihood of Baltimore winning it all resided somewhere between slim and none. I personally viewed the Ravens as a team seemingly unable to overcome Tom Brady and Peyton Manning-led teams in the AFC playoffs, where it mattered the most. For all of the defensive accolades which defined Ravens football on a whole, the team's routinely stagnant offenses had never overcome the high-powered units of Brady and Manning. And with a healthy Manning returning this season, to a solid Denver Broncos team that fell one game shy of The Big Dance last year, it was safe to assume that either one of these star QBs would once again send Baltimore packing.

Nevermind the fact that over in the NFC, the smash-mouthed San Francisco 49ers appeared even more formidable, equipped with a fearless young breed of quarterback that can run and gun with the best of 'em. Smart money bet against Baltimore. But I guess that's why they play the game, isn't it? The underdog Ravens traveled to Denver and New England and unbelievably slayed the ghosts of both QBs on the road to the Super Bowl. Once there, Baltimore won a thrilling matchup with San Francisco at the Superdome in New Orleans. Since the 49ers broke the hearts of my favorite team last season, I, for one, cheered the Ravens to leave them with that same empty what-could-have-been feeling. All of which appeared to be the sentiments of many on the NOLA streets this weekend.

So what happened? How were the Ravens able to do the improbable? Well, besides talent, hard work, good coaching and inspired play from QB Joe Flacco - named Super Bowl MVP, the players appeared highly-motivated to see the heart and soul of the team for many years, celebrated linebacker Ray Lewis, retire as a champion. Although my beloved New Orleans Saints were wrongfully forced to go without head coach Sean Payton this season, thus destroying all dreams of a home game Super Bowl as initially hoped, I still was able to appreciate the storybook ending career of Lewis, who now rides off into the sunset as one of the greatest defensive and motivating players the league has ever known.

I salute.


  1. I HAD No Horse in the RACE (Was watching as a PURE Sports Fan...)

    My Observations:
    Back-to-Back possessions by SF 49ers... FUMBLE and INT that both led to Scores for The Ravens (That's 14 points...) And a FLUKEY Bomb TD pass from Flacco right before the END OF THE HALF... Now That's 21 POINTS that I would consider GIFTS FROM THE 49ers (I'll LET THAT Marinate Though...)

    Randy Moss Could've/Should've made a MUCH BETTER EFFORT on that INT (He is a 40 inch VERTICAL Dude,,,) and THAT FUMBLE BY THAT RB LaMichael James RIGHT AFTER ALL THAT Ridiculous Show-Boating on the PREVIOUS PLAY was just Disgusting and UNFORGIVABLE (Dude is A COMPLETE JOKE for That Foolishness...) NOW That Bomb TD Throw was actually Great Athletic ABILITY and "I Want THIS MORE THAN You" WILL sooo The Ravens EARNED THAT ONE -- IMO

    And the OBVIOUS No-Calls towards the end of the game that WENT AGAINST The 49ers along with THAT IDIOT Pushing the Ref and NOT GETTING THROWN OUT OF THE GAME was Beyond Mind-Boggling and ATROCIOUS IN NATURE (To Me...)

    NOW with that Being Said... I'm TRULY HAPPY for Ed Reed who is "THE BEST SAFETY TO EVER PLAY IN THE NFL" for Getting HIS SB RING... And He will be a 1st Ballot Hall-of-Famer Though (MmmHmmm...)

    1. Hilarious when James fumbled after ish talking the previous play.

      You already that I am #whodat to the core, But since I had monies on Ravens, I was TOO invested into the game. A great game, at that. NOLA was lit for the Super Bowl. Yes, I agree, it's always good seeing players like Suggs, Reed, Lewis, and others win the highest team honor, players who play the game like it's supposed to be played. I told everyone that Joe Flacco (thanks to a host of solid receivers) would win the MVP. And he did. Not sure if Ravens will return, but I'm certainly sure 49ers will be back, again and again.

      Oh yeah, man, I was DISGUSTED when Ray Rice fumbled.

    2. Ohhh That's RIGHT, You had $$$ on The Ravens... I bet You SHITTED A BRICK when Rice Fumbled Though #LMAOOO

      And in Correcting MYSELF... They didn't score on that INT but They Should've Though (YUP...)

      And regarding the 49ers Going Back... MY NFC Top teams for Next Season:
      49ers, Seahawks, Saints, Packers and Redskins if RGIII is Fully Recovered from His Injury
      The CAM-Experience needs a Better GM and Head Coach to be APART OF THE MIX Though #SMDH

    3. Kind of surprised you listed Saints. Lol. New Orleans hired Cowboys former defensive coordinator, we ranked last in every single defensive category last season. Smh.

  2. Yeah, we got screwed in the rear with no grease. WHO DAT!

  3. The San Francisco 49ers SHOULD be 2 time defending Super Bowl Champions today. Once they figure out what happened last year against the Giants and last night against the Ravens they might be able to get their next season. There is too much talent over there for them not to come out of these next couple of seasons without at least one championship.

    1. I too believe 49ers will be back in the Super Bowl, at least one more time. Kaep and the defense will assure us of this. I didn't understand the last sequence of events as far as 49ers are concerned, constantly throwing the ball and not running when it was obvious that Ravens were tired and run stopper Ngata was sitting on bench injured.

  4. I can't say I'm a huge football fan, but I've got to admit I found myself rather intrigued with Ray Lewis and watched the tail of the season rather intently and wanted The Ravens to win the Super Bowl. I enjoyed the game, reveled in the initial ass-whooping, cried "conspiracy" when the lights went out and almost dropped the laundry I was folding when The Ravens took the title.

    Ray Lewis is a curious man, but in an odd way; one I admire. It's more for what he didn't' do than what he did. He knows he's a flawed man and in spite of his mis-deeds, rose above the negativity to end his career with glory. I can't say there's a more befitting end.

    1. I can't say there's a more befitting end.

      Wholeheartedly agreed.

  5. Man, I am FINALLY at the point where I can talk about football. LOL. The season ended so fast! But my Falcons WILL be back!!

    I look forward to the battles with the Saints!

    Congrats to the Ravens

    1. I definitely believe the Falcons will return next season. Hopefully the Saints will return to playoff form as well.


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