Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Any Netflix recommendations?

Lately, at the recommendation of a close friend, I decided to give Netflix another try. I know, I know. Our past relationship ended on a sour note after I felt Netflix wasn't upholding its end of the deal. For that very reason I hardly expected things to be different this go 'round, seeing as how it's basically the same streaming video service. But since my friend is of the trusted variety, I figured she knew something, which of course left me curious. They say, curiosity killed the cat. In this case, curiosity earned Netflix enough respect to gain another life. And suffice to say I am more than pleased at the amount of surprisingly entertaining streams I've come across on the site.

So, during those times where I'm unable to fall asleep or suddenly awakened in the middle of the night and don't feel like searching for a DVD or flipping TV channels only to catch a great movie nearing the end, I grab my iPad, click on Netflix, prop my pillow and enjoy the show.

Below I've listed twenty films in no particular order that are worth viewing. While I do understand how our taste of genres might differ, at the end of the day, a great film is still a great film. If you are a Netflix subscriber, feel free to recommend a few selections.

  • Freelancers (2012)
  • Shakespeare In Love (1998)
  • American Violet (2008)
  • Loving Annabelle (2006)
  • Bloomberg Game Changers: Documentaries
  • Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (2009)
  • Oldboy (2003)
  • The Glass Shield (1994)
  • Video Girl (2011)
  • The Grey (2012)
  • Eve's Bayou (1997)
  • Blue Valentine (2010)
  • All Things Fall Apart (2011)
  • BET's College Hill
  • Good Deeds (2012)
  • Diary of a Single Mom (2011)
  • Double Jeopardy (1999)
  • Freedom Writers (2007)
  • ESPN Films 30 For 30: Documentaries
  • Finding Forrester (2000)


  1. I keep up with my TV shows since I refuse to purchase cable....So I have no recommendations...I just wanted to pop on and say hello my friend! I hope all is well!

  2. I'm with on 30 For 30. I love those. College Hill? Lol. I saw two seasons of that. It was okay.

    I don't have cable but, here are some shows I want to see;

    Nurse Betty
    Breaking Bad
    RHOA - I want to see what the fuss is about. Lol.
    That show on Showtime starring Don Cheadle. I can't remember the name.

    1. Yeah "Nurse Betty" is PRETTY GOOD... I saw a Few episodes and Thoroughly ENJOYED Them and "Breaking Bad" is Very GOOD Also (Yuppp...)

      And THIS THOUGH ----> RHOA - I want to see what the fuss is about. Lol.
      THIS coming form the ONE WHO Professes... NVM O_o

    2. Lol. Stop.

      Well, how am I going to complain about it if I haven't seen it. Lmao!

    3. @val: College Hill episodes are so good and entertaining. My daughter watched them and I sort of took a liking to them and kept watching and the characters and adventures are highly amusing. I heard good things about Breaking Bad - will check it out.

      @elove: I couldn't stop laughing at your RHOA comment to Val, hilarious. And equally funny is Val's comment about how can she complain about a show if she's never watched. Lol.

    4. @Val - House of Lies with Don Cheadle; great show

  3. I picked up Netflix in the past month for streaming some of the series I like. You gotta look really hard for good movies, though. Well, it seems that way to me.

    The best I've seen so far are The House of Cards series and Limitless (Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro). Limitless blew me away (suprised Netflix had that, lol). It appeals to my scientific nerdy self, I suppose.

    I also liked Shooter (Mark Wahlberg).

    A few of my favorite movies are on your list. But Dude... The Grey? I've been wanting to stream that, but uh... Is it really good? I mean, a bunch of guys running from wolves in the snow? Does it have some romance or something in it for the ladies?? I like my violence mixed with a little bit of romance, lol... Let me know about that.

    1. That was my initial dislike about Netflix - having to endlessly search for good movies. I will check out Limitless, usually Deniro picks good scripts. Also, Shooter sounds like it might be a good film. The Grey is very good, it's more about human beings learning how to let go of personal fear. Check it out.

  4. I like the oldies. Try Carmen Jones, breakfast at Tiffany's. For action Contraband is pretty good.

    1. Carmen Jones is a good film, agreed. Dorothy Dandridge was awesome. I watched it awhile ago on cable television. I've also seen the other two films you've listed. Good taste.

  5. "Shakespeare In Love" I SAW this ONE TIME (When It 1st came out...) and I Liked It

    "The Glass Shield" was Pretty Good... Wasn't Ice Cube in that Movie?!!?

    "Eve's Bayou" was DEEP and "Double Jeopardy" was Very Entertaining... I WAS a Huge Ashely Judd Fan (MmmHmmm...)

    I ACTUALLY Peeped "The Grey" and It was Damn Good but I didn't LIKE THE ENDING (But I expected It Though...) SMDH

    Comment RETORTS:
    LUV "Shooter" & "Limitless" and "Contraband" was Waayyyy Better than I EXPECTED Though

    "Flight" was a Much Better movie than I EXPECTED ALSO... Don Cheadle was EXCEPTIONAL In THAT MOVIE!!!!!

    1. Yep, Cube played in The Glass Shield and it was a really good script. I'm surprised the film didn't gain much notoriety back when it was released. It shows LA's rampart policemen before the crookedness became public knowledge. Eve's Bayou threw me for a loop at the ending. Ashley Judd was sooooo good in Double Jeopardy.

  6. I have a lot of movies in my queue, but I hardly ever use the service at home because my dvr records too many tv programs. I watch netflix on my tablet during my hour train ride to and from work and when I'm on the bike at the gym. I'm watch the Tv shows Medium, X Files, etc

    1. Same here, I watch Netflix on my tablet. I have the cord that allows you to use the TV as a monitor, but I prefer the tablet and these headphones 99% of the time. I watch many, many documentaries on Netflix and of course comedy shows. Check out Game Changers series, so much knowledge, I believe you will like 'em.

    2. Will do!What cord do you have?

  7. I'm more of a TV Show type of gal, and since I'm rarely home I can catch up when I can. I'm a movie collector, so I use Netflix for the TV Shows alone.

  8. Thanks for the list: 1 down, only 19 more to go :-)

    Love for a great day!

    PS - Don't forget the Kettle Corn...yummy!

  9. Ok! I see you listed Old boy, so you'd definitely like, I Saw the Devil and War of Arrows.

    Here's a few more movies we like-
    1. We Need to Talk About Kevin
    2. Arn: The Knight Templar
    3. Cyrus
    4. Drive
    5. Shotgun Stories
    6. The Burning Plain
    7. Hanna
    8. Due Date
    9. Fargo

  10. I recently saw I Will Follow with Salli Richardson-Whitfied and Omari Hendricks on Showtime and would recommend seeing it if you can find it on Netflix. I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower last night and it was really good. Little White Lies is a French movie with subtitles is another I'd recommend. Beasts of the Southern Wild too. Ip Man is another good one.

  11. So does that mean I can't recommend films if I'm not a Netflix subscriber? LOL

    Looks like a good list. I'm going to check out a few. I have a friend who has an account and I just snatch from his - on my lappy - when the urge hits.

  12. I liked watching National Geographic programs as well as the history programs.... "Abduction" with Taylor Lautner was pretty good as well....

  13. Blessings.....
    Just ducking in to see how you doing.
    I don't do nexflix and I seldom watch tv these days, more on a reading frenzy, have read 40 thus far for this year.

    Hope all is well, have a great weekend

  14. Anyone like Sleeper Cell? I found the series pretty addictive

  15. I just watched the first half of High Art, which turned out to actually be a good movie. Well, the first half anyway. I try to watch movies that I never heard of. Sometimes I find really good ones that I watch again. Other times I can't make it through the whole film.


  16. Thanks everyone who recommended films. I've been watching more than a few and so far, so good.


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