Thursday, January 10, 2013

Likes And Dislikes: Django Unchained

"Django, the 'D' is silent." - Jamie Foxx

  • the idea of a slave-turned-bounty-hunter is appealing
  • the notion of an unshackled slave rescuing his wife is admired
  • the fact that Django learned how to read
  • Kerry Washington was a beautiful slave
  • Broomhilda had Django "whipped"
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx are great actors
  • Samuel L. Jackson stole all his scenes
  • someone will name their unborn child Django
  • Tarantino's character development is exceptional
  • Tarantino's recycling of actors from previous films

  • hearing the word "nigger" used as much as it was
  • movie action-figures are being sold
  • Mandingo fighting, and how it takes place to the day
  • not a fan of western movies
  • long, drawn out film
  • Hollywood does a poor job telling stories about slavery
  • seemingly everyone liked the film, except me
  • The Overhyping of Django Unchained
  • Tarantino's extremism with blood and guts
  • Tarantino gets away with everything


  1. I agree with most of your likes and dislikes. I still have mixed feelings about the movie. I paused during the scene with the hoods, I just could not laugh.

    1. Klu Klux Klan scene? If so, yes, same here. It was one of the blah moments of script for me as well.

  2. I think you and I are on the same page with this Don, except I did enjoy the film. I enjoyed it for irony of having a black bounty hunter in those times and I thoroughly enjoyed Christoph Waltz's character as he had so much geniune compassion.

    Unborn names of the future...Barack, Obama, Django, come to mind immediately

    1. Yes, the character development was some of Tarantino's finest work.

      Unborn names of the future. Hilarious. So true, though.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I could watch it again and again.

    1. I feel you, as my woman actually saw it twice. One time was enough for me. Lol.

  4. I like this list. Standouts for me being that Kelly Washington is beautiful, and Django could read, and that he loved his woman. I went to the movie with friends whobegged me to see it. My personal comment before seeing the movie was ' why pay the movie price to hear the N word uttered over 50 times when I don't even want to hear it once and for free?' but i saw the movie and i cringed everytime the n word was uttered. I fully expected the movie to have been 2 hours or more a waste of time, but I love seeing black men loving their black woman and vice versa and doing anything they can to get back together, and when I saw Django whip those guys literally, with that whip, I felt better. I will never see the movie again, but I have to admit that I liked it. Any movie where black people come out on top- I love. Samuel L Jackson played the hell out of his part. I wonder if Herman Caine or Michael Steele was his inspiration?

    Great post, Don.

    1. Samuel L Jackson played the hell out of his part. I wonder if Herman Caine or Michael Steele was his inspiration?

      Too funny. He definitely played the role well. And now that you mention, I can see Herman doing exceptionally well as Jackson's character in the film. Yes, the heavy usage of the N-word could've easily been avoided, IMO.

  5. THIS movie doesn't interest me in THE MF-ing LEAST (REAL...) And the "Action Figures" being Sold Too SMDH

    I GUESS I have far too much RESPECT for My Elders that told me stories about "HOW WHITES TREATED THEM" when they were growing up ALONG WITH telling me Stories that their Parents & Grand Parents SHARED WITH THEM regarding their interaction with WHITES As Well (YUP...)

    And I'm A HISTORIAN of Everything that Interests Me (Alwayz Been THAT WAY...)

    I've SEEN "Mississippi Burning" and "A Time To Kill" Soooo That's ENOUGH WHITE HATRED from a Cinematic Perspective I NEED within My Mental-Realm (MmmHmmm...)

    The ENORMOUS BLACK SUPPORT of This ASPECT OF LIFE being portrayed on The Movie Screen along with the SLAVERY-INSPIRED TOYS is the LAST BASTION for the NWO Agenda to be complete -- IMO

    We from A SOCIETAL PERSPECTIVE as a WHOLE have Willingly ACCEPTED Homosexuality As BEING NORMAL, TEEN Homosexuality, YT CATHOLIC PRIEST Raping Kids, Black Ministers & Preachers Sexually-Assaulting OUR BLACK MALE KIDS, Blacks/Browns being Wrongfully INCARCERATED at an Alarming Rate... And The ABOMINATION of Society's Morals-n-Ethics will ONLY GET WORSE Though (Just Watch...)

    I Wasn't trying to KILL THE MOOD Bruh but I'm just GROWING Extremely Tired of BLACK SOCIETY AS A WHOLE Totally Ignoring The OBVIOUSNESS (Of WTF Is Really GOING ON Though...)

    As USUAL Though... Great Post Bruh (YUP...)

  6. I haven't seen it yet. Tarantino is a little rough. I was waiting to see what others thought of it before I saw it.

    Yes, there will be a few little Djangos running around. You know how we do. Sigh.

  7. i actually liked it and i went in with low expectations. Its not a movie i would watch twice and the word nigger didn't bother me much. I guess i kept it in context. Jamie has become a great actor. I think everyone in it did a great job. Im also not a fan of all the blood and guts tho and that Mandingo fighting, i could barely watch those scenes.

  8. Great reasons. I was amused by the klan scene. I think it shows exactly how ignorant and beyond ridiculous they are. I enjoyed the movie because it made the white folks beside very uncomfy. Lol. -Nikks

    1. I enjoyed the movie because it made the white folks beside very uncomfy.


  9. blessings....
    I think the key is to get people talking, many like to not look at the ugliness of the enslavement of people of African decent, they prefer the head in the sand practice and reverting to sayings like "slavery was abolished 100 years ago" without examining the systemic social, political, psychological ramifications of said histories in today's society that was/is internalized and embedded in our psyches and the conscious and unconscious pathologies we germinate with each other in our day to day interactions, ideological practices and philosophies on whom we think a particular group of people are based solely on the color of their skin. Its important that "we" all be accountable for what comes out of our mouths, what "we" are fertilize within our minds and manifest through out actions..

    The past informs and transforms, it cannot and should not be taken likely or be dismissed carelessly.


    1. Loved the commentary. Wholeheartedly agreed @ without examining the systemic social, political, psychological ramifications

      A proven narrative and the epitome of the phrase "concentrated life." Slavery is an issue that will forever spark debate, regardless of years past, and as you stated should never be dismissed carelessly.

  10. Every one is blogging about this film so it must have caught enough interest its out in the UK 18th of Jan got a burning desire to see for myself.

  11. I haven't seen it yet. Someone at work actually gave me the stank face because I told her I didn't want to see it. LOL I'm gonna wait for it to hit cable.

  12. I loved everything about the film, LOVED IT!! I know a lot of people who didn't like it as either, so it's all in perception.


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