Monday, August 6, 2012

Likes And Dislikes: London '12 Olympics

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Twitter's priceless commentary
  • Great Britian's Jessica Ennis delivers
  • Usain Bolt is the truth
  • personal stories behind athletes
  • legends are born
  • Michael Phelps storied career
  • Dominique Dawes teary-eyed commentary on Gabby Douglas
  • BBC's educational coverage
  • the thrill of victory
  • fake nationalism
  • we'll have to wait to see which athletes tested positive for steroids
  • we'll have to wait another 4 years before next Summer Olympics
  • U.S. Olympians taxed for medals, will owe IRS thousands
  • Gabby's hair drew enormous criticism 
  • no one really cares who wins Silver, Bronze
  • yet to catch a single Team USA men's basketball game
  • controversial clock malfunction robbed South Korea's Shin A Lam
  • NBC's delayed, fluff-filled coverage
  • the agony of defeat


  1. I think your lists sums it all up except I have been able to catch some of the USA Men's basketball. It has been an enjoyable Olympics so far and I will be sad when it's all over. Oh yeah and your boy Usain Bolt is the truth for real! Arrogant as hell but a champion nonetheless :)

    1. Hoping to catch Carmelo Anthony and Team USA in action, sooner or later. I laughed aloud where you stated Usain Bolt being arrogant. I kept thinking to myself that here he is showboating and what if he loses....

      And then it happened! Lol. A human road runner in the flesh.

  2. Sanya Richards Ross finally winning that individual gold was a HUGE like for me and Gabby Douglas is AMAZING and who cares about her hair. people are so ignorant. smh

    1. Agreed. Ross finally realizing her Olympic dreams was impressive and the reaction of her mom was priceless.

    2. people are complaining about the coverage of appreciation of the athlete's mothers but seriously, who is anyone's biggest fan before people know who they are, MAMA! I say BRAVO to the olympics for giving the unsung hero some publicity

  3. Agrees with the majority of both lists. I take the most issue with the fake nationalism; USA especially. I liken it to 9/11 when everyone suddenly became patriotic. Whatever man! I'm British by birth and Jamaican by blood and proudly/consistently represent each of my cultures.

    Those speaking ill of Gabby's hair can collectively kiss her ass because it wasn't her hair that won the gold.

    I further dislike the bad streaming

  4. I also love it when people can put the world's issues aside and just compete as regular people - athlete against athlete. That's what I love the most about it.

  5. The critique over Gabby's hair really upsets me. After all, while their kids were most likely doing nothing but focusing on their hair and listening to nicki minaj and lil wayne, Gabby was spending hours and hours, away from her family to become a gold-winning Olympiad, someone little black girls can look up to and try to emulate, the way she emulated Dominique Dawes. She will be getting lucrative endorsement deals and will be on the cover of every black magazine in North America and will be on cereal boxes. Most likely, she and her family will be visiting the Obamas's daughters as well. And what will her critics being doing?
    Sorry for the rant. The critique over Gabby's hair really upsets me. Their priorities are completely fucked up.

    Love this entire list by the way.
    Sanya Richards Ross and Usain Bolt are both the truth.

  6. I'm with you on all the likes and dislikes. I had no idea they were being taxed on their medals. That's wild!


    - Shelly-Ann Frasier-Pryce defending her 08 Gold in the 100
    - Allyson Felix getting dusted in the 100
    - All things Gabby! She's adorable.
    - Women's Water Polo.


    - Too much Michael Phelps coverage
    - The way the NBC commentators hyped up the White girl gymnasts and downplayed Gabby
    - NBC

    1. TOTALLY AGREE Except for the A-Felix part Though o_O

      And Shelly-Ann is MY BABY Though (YUP...)

  8. Gabby is AMAZING! This Olympics is more meaningful to me than any other. I've never cared nor watched as intently as I have this time and Twitter has enhanced the experience for me. I'm up at 3 am watching! I truly do feel some sort of pride about the USA, however the government is extremely foul for taxing the medal winners... EXTREMELY! Great post!

  9. Hey! I thought of you this morning, wanted to check in. Didn't really catch much of the Olympics so I can't relate but I take your word for it. Hope you're well. Later

  10. I am really enjoying the Olympics. Much more than I thought I would. I didn't catch much of the Men's Basketball, but I did see their game against Tunisia.

  11. I am really enjoying the Olympics and I think Gabby is so amazing. I was very moved by Dominique commentary.

  12. I haven't had the chance to watch the Olympics with being sleep, at cheer practice and other things. LOL But I heard the speak it was very nice!! & I'm proud of Gabby!!

  13. Usain Bolt has THOROUGHLY Distinguished Himself as LEGENDARY... ON PAR with His IDOL Michael Johnson Though (And IT AIN'T Bragging or Arrogance if YOU BACK IT UP!!!)

    And THERE IS MORE (To COME Though...)

    Allyson Felix was FINALLY able to ACHIEVE Olympic Success (3 GOLD MEDALS...) to go with HER Already Accomplished World Championship Status (MUCH RESPECT!!!)

    The U.S. MEN getting Their 400M Dominance Tested was Kinda HARD To Handle But LOSING Merritt to Injury (JUST Devastated Us...)

    The U.S. Women's Basketball Team, The U.S. Women Sprinters (GOLDS and World Record...) and The U.S. Men's Basketball Team AS EXPECTED Didn't Disappoint... And GABBY accomplished something NEVER DONE Before by a U.S. Female Athlete in Gymnastics (Just Outstanding!!!)

    AS Usual (NICE Post Bruh...)

  14. I didn't watch more than a minute of this years Olympics. I just couldn't get into it.

  15. o i'm sorry i missed the dominique dawes /gabby douglas moment. i hadn't even heard about it. and i also didn't see one basketball game, but i saw when they got their medals....

  16. I thought it was going to be better, Not really got me interested this year after watching the opening ceremony.....

    I have a recent post of the OLYMPICS too. The TRUTH behind the REAL purpose for the OLYMPIC GAMES.

  17. I like this set of likes and dislikes 'cause it read like a quick news story of what really happened... like "most important in Olympic news." sometimes we're so similar in what we think it's weird. :-) Hope you're well.

  18. Ummmm soooo I wrote a comment... Where did it go? LOL

  19. Don, good to know you're still here.

    1. Hey. Long time. It has been awhile since the blogs first kicked off, hasn't it?


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