Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweat and Tears

You can make love until your body is dripping wet,
until exhaustion, completely covered in sweat.
as you take a minute to catch your breath,
then turn around and give whatever is left.

You can give until you cannot possibly give anymore, until your body is painfully sore.
you can be there for someone in their time of desperate need,
they will still turn their back on you, one day they will leave.
as if never there in the first place.

No one owes you anything,
truth be told; you owe yourself.
to see that your sweat doesn't turn into tears;
your best transformed into fear.

You can fill the heart of a human with the purest of love, for many years,
until the vessel overflows with joy and laughter.
still, the moment arrives where nothing will even matter,
leaving you to wish you could escape to a place, so far away...

You can put forth an entire effort.
there will come a day where it will never be enough,
forgive those whose mentality does not allow them to view as such,
they're absolutely wrong, and will realize as much after you are long gone.


  1. Wow...:(

    I just wrote something similar to this in my journal.

  2. Wow, really beautiful and sad at the same time.

  3. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Thought-provoking, as always...and unfortunately accurate, at least in my experience. If, ultimately, love won't be enough to keep people together, why do we even bother to love at all?

    1. I believe it's always better to love than to not love. As you should.

  4. Unfortunately I know exactly what you are saying, Don. It's so true. You can lead someone to love but you can't make them accept it.

  5. Those some deep, powerful, and emotional words Don. I felt like you could have been talking about an experience in MY life.

  6. Been there...more than once.

    "leaving you to wish you could escape to a place, so far away..."

    I know a place...

    beautifully written

    love will repeat itself
    over and over again
    love will not surrender
    until it finally wins
    and neither will i

    1. I'm thinking the same. There is just something about love that keeps us coming for more and more. Therefore, it has to be the best thing going. It just has to be.

  7. Note to self

    You owe yourself
    To see that your sweat doesn't turn to tears.

    So many great lines in this poem like the last 2 lines but the above lines really speak to my heart.

    I must use that as a quote by you!

  8. It was aight.
    LOL. I'm just playing. I really like the 'you owe yourself' bit.
    You owe yourself.
    You owe yourself.
    You owe yourself.
    Yet...when love comes knocking. It's hard to act like you ain't home.

    1. When it comes to love and life I believe we as individuals all owe ourselves to enjoy (or, at least try to enjoy) every breathing moment. Regardless of whether we might feel there is something or someone missing within our respective lives.

      If what I just said even makes sense...

  9. Dope entry for the conversation of Love; an abstract emotion that's hard to define or quantify.

    Sweat and Tears. Word.

    1. Definitely one that's hard to define or quantify. Still, we try.


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