Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweat and Tears

You can make love until your body is dripping wet,
until exhaustion, completely covered in sweat.
as you take a minute to catch your breath,
then turn around and give whatever is left.

You can give until you cannot possibly give anymore, until your body is painfully sore.
you can be there for someone in their time of desperate need,
they will still turn their back on you, one day they will leave.
as if never there in the first place.

No one owes you anything,
truth be told; you owe yourself.
to see that your sweat doesn't turn into tears;
your best transformed into fear.

You can fill the heart of a human with the purest of love, for many years,
until the vessel overflows with joy and laughter.
still, the moment arrives where nothing will even matter,
leaving you to wish you could escape to a place, so far away...

You can put forth an entire effort.
there will come a day where it will never be enough,
forgive those whose mentality does not allow them to view as such,
they're absolutely wrong, and will realize as much after you are long gone.