Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Who Do You Believe In?

"I was destined to come. Predicted. Blame God, He blew breath in my lungs. Second to none." - Nas

Light entered into the world in the form of love.
and like Adam and Eve, 
many of us choose darkness.
a notion so wounded and distressed,
bleak and barren,
unkind, uncaring,
and broken. 
if you look closely,
you can see how sick to the stomach one becomes 
upon hearing others speak of such joyful emotion. 
that's real. 

like the Fallen Angel, 
we'd rather reveal wicked things which continues the separation of Jehovah's most precious creation.
but Heaven did not trick you.
the Sun and the Earth has never done anything to you
besides provide unconditional love.
I guess it's easier to point fingers at Adam and Eve,
we love only to place blame,
and that's why we remain inside of the garden,
where nothing has changed. 
except the names and numbers of non-believers
whom fall for the exact same things.

unwilling to sacrifice, 
yet eager to avoid being sacrificed,
like, who does that.
preferring salvation,
settling upon temptation, 
as if we're picking vacation spots. 
The Unchanging Hand, we've got, 
if we step out on faith and embrace within our hearts, like Abraham.
we hardly believe in God,
unless cute or convenient, 
but truth is neither cute nor convenient.
it's too profound and distinguished to be.

why do we pray in a break in case of emergency way,
as if the Messiah is nothing more than a fire extinguisher.
seeking validation and apparently salvation in the hands of other human beings
who stay wanting to be famous.
all falls down,
in a world where The Serpent stands as the current ruler of things.
the same world that turned its back on Jesus, 
yet nothing on this Earth shall ever suffice Christ the King.
He is not some of the parts,
He is the sum of the parts...
that's something Miss Christian would say.
bless her beautiful heart.

just maybe,
during the night before Calvary when Jesus walked away to pray,
He did so, 
due to thoughts He did not want the disciples to hear Him say.
perhaps he threw his hands up in the air, as if to say
Father, there is no way in Hell mankind can be saved. 
you cannot tell these men and women nothing; they don't listen,
too judgmental,
and forever stuck on the color of one's skin.
causing many to view Jesus as weak, 
too meek
to accomplish the mission.

what it takes He must've learned, cause upon his return
He brings a sword.
not peace.
sadly, the one quote from Scripture we act like we don't see.
and every knee will bow,
regardless of whether you believe in the Bible.
I could be wrong, 
but that sounds like the eye of the tiger to me.
and guess who are sheep...
when darkness is removed once and for all,
The Light will return like a thief in the night.
make sure you do the things which might allow you to find peace within that night, 
or day.
Satan won't be able to save us. 


"Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King." - Andrae Crouch

Life teaches a painful lesson.
one taught without question.
stressing; it only leaves us second-guessing our decisions.

to live is to suffer,
God places upon us no more than we can bear.
we know this to be truth,
our trials and tribulations serve as living proof of this.

the Lord is in control,
the Most High sits upon the throne.
humble thyself to the important role in which
He plays in our lives; salvation.

our sins were forgiven once the Messiah died on the stake,
Jesus Christ paid the ultimate cost.
would you give your life for the sins of another human being,
would you accept such a precious loss.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Next Lifetime

"What a life to take, what a bond to break. I'll be missing you." - Faith Evans

I replay the events of that fateful day over and over again in my head,
and think about the last words she said.
the way they made me feel. I still cannot believe she's gone,
although she died right there in my arms,
I couldn't understand why the mean man or anyone would harm
the sweetest thing I'd ever known.
it felt surreal.

it kind of fucked me up, at first.
and it hurts, still.
she had much life to give.
people like my friend should live forever,
if I had my way, she would have lived forever.
she made the world a better place in each and every way,
as if making the world a better place was her sole purpose.
unfortunately, the true power of love rarely surfaces on Earth.

sometimes in life you meet people with whom you click,
I cannot explain it; there is no other way to explain it,
she and I just clicked.
we fit, like pieces to the puzzle.
and we respected and protected the connection,
regardless of our individual lives,
we set aside time for each other.
maybe he was jealous of the fact that we were lovers.

sometimes in life you meet people whom remind you of yourself.
and you don't have to get to know them,
cause the two of you are already there.
as if you knew each other from a past life.
that was our vibe,
maybe that's what I saw in her eyes.
looking back, we did not know what it was.
we only knew it was.

sometimes in life you are touched  by someone in a very special way.
sometimes the person leaves due to circumstances beyond human control.
I guess it's true when Robert Frost says nothing gold can stay,
I don't know, but it sure seems that way.
she had hoped that one day I would pour the contents of my heart into a book.
she insisted, the ability to convey emotion was a gifted one.

I uplifted spirits, she claimed,
based on my incessant way of seeing things.
all of which coincided with the relentless and waywardness minds of life's greatest authors.
"Reincarnation," the novel she recommended by Suzanne Weyn,
revealing the story of two spirits that kept meeting in different lifetimes,
absolutely blew my mind.

every now and then,
I am caressed by a gentle breeze reminiscent of her disarming smile.
or I find myself standing besides a woman wearing lavender perfume,
and think to myself it's been awhile since I smelled that scent.
or socializing within a crowd and suddenly feel alone,
longing for the supportive presence that filled in the gaps and helped me to be strong to the world.
concerning sincerity, there is something to be said.

it's hard for me to say if I will ever see my friend again.
in the end, who really knows what transpires after death.
if possible for souls to be reunited,
in my heart,
I know things will be exactly as they were before she left.

I would like to believe that shortly after her final exhale,
angels came down unto me and captured her soul's beautiful release.
then ushered it away to some place where my friend could love, freely. 
during ascension I imagine the sky produced a golden shine.
in my mind, it was her way of saying goodbye until the next lifetime.